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Instruments from Our Collection


Above $13,000

Violin by John Young 
Viola by Jago Peternella 1956 (Made for Alan de Veritch)


$6,000 - $13,000

Violin by Antonio Mario Gazzola 1980 (sold)

Violin by Ernst Heinrich Roth 1923

Violin by Chenantais & Kaul ca.1912

Violin by Charles Buthod from the workshop of

Jerome Thibouville Lamy ca.1900

Violin from the workshop of Paul Hart, Salt Lake City 1995

Cello by Timothy Stephenson 1992 (sold)

Violin by Amedee Dieudonne

Violin by L. Courtier 1927

Several violins by Rachel Masterson Gray

Violin by Ota Kuncer, 1953 (sold)

Several violins from Brian Drake, New York City

Gildenio Silva workshop violins

Violin by Edward Sage Brown 2000

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